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Jasmine Awards 2017

The Perfume Society gives the Jasmine Awards the 2017 write up. Joanna has been the panel chair for 9 years

Beauty Magazine, November 2016

Joanna gives sales tips to in-store advisors at Christmas. Beauty Magazine, November 2016

Top Santé, October 2016

Top Santé consults Joanna on how we are attracted to warm, cosy scents as autumn arrives. October 2016

Good Housekeeping, January 2014

Award winning beauty journalist, Vicci Bentley confers with Joanna on scent and ageing in Eau de Youth, Good Housekeeping, January 2015

Irish Tatler, October 2014

Irish Tatler offers a unique opportunity reader event - a Chanel Fragrance Workshop with Joanna Norman at Brown Thomas, Dublin, October 2014

You magazine, 18th May 2014

You teams up with Chanel to celebrate the launch of The Perfume Society with Josephine Fairley in conversation with Joanna. You magazine, 18th May 2014

British Vogue Dec 2012

Leading Writer, Francesca Segal is 'On the Scent', attending our workshop, British Vogue Dec 2012

Sunday Telegraph Autumn Fashion Supplement 16 Sep 2012

Ellie Pithers asks our help to investigate what goes into making a great perfume, Sunday Telegraph Autumn Fashion Supplement 16 Sep 2012

Pure Prestige, Spring 2013

John Ayres predicts Spring 2013 Fragrance Trends for Pure Prestige

We think our clients speak for us:

“the team at Pandora have great personal experience and in depth expertise in perfumery, olfaction and general fragrance industry knowledge. Their expertise is derived from many cumulative years of experience in the industry, as well as a personal passion for the subject. Their professional, unbiased, technical approach to training is one of the key reasons P&G Prestige chooses to work with Pandora for any fragrance training; they understand our needs and we like their approach. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to help us create fine fragrances which improve the lives of fragrance wearers all over the world.” Will Andrews, Evaluator and Fragrance Scientist, P&G

“Working with Joanna and Pandora has raised our Fragrance Specialists' knowledge of perfumery and highlighted the importance of the sense of smell. Both our customers and ourselves appreciate more fully how the sense of smell has a major effect on the quality of our lives.” Estie Buss, Training and Education Manager, Chanel

“Pandora's knowledge and understanding of the history of fragrance, fragrance creation, ingredient trends and the composition of fragrances is second to none. I have come to rely on John's perceptive insights each year when compiling the Fragrance section of The Premium Market Report. Pandora is an invaluable training resource to fragrance professionals and those starting out on their fragrance journey.” Imogen Matthews, Managing Director, IM Associates

“We are pleased to confirm that during the past five years, Pandora Fragrance Consultants John Ayres and Joanna Norman prepared and delivered fragrance trends presentations, fragrance training seminars and fragrance workshops for the Coty Beauty sales and marketing teams. Pandora's input is highly valued for its unmatched professional expertise and knowledge, combined with inspirational insight.” Brain Riddick, General Manager, Coty Beauty UK Ltd

“After 3 years of working together we find the expertise, passion and experience brought by Pandora's John and Joanna invaluable in our fragrance and brand training and press events in the UK and Ireland. Their presentation methods really bring to life the world of fragrance for our delegates who thoroughly enjoy the interactive nature of the training. Professional and adaptive, we recommend Pandora as a fantastic resource for highly qualitative training and press events.” Anna Crawford, Roger&Gallet Marketing, L'Oreal UKI

“Having worked with Pandora for a number of years, and the necessity for the training to be made bespoke for our Travel Retail business, the service which I have received has been wonderful. I would recommend Pandora to any retailer / business who needs to expand their team's knowledge within the beauty / fragrance categories. No matter what our business has thrown our way, Jo and John have always been flexible and willing to adapt to our changing environment. An absolute pleasure to work with!Liz Cranny, Regional Training & Development Advisor, World Duty Free

“I contacted John and Pandora to present our new perfume and strategy to more than 100 guests. I wanted someone articulate, with solid experience and well regarded in the industry. I was extremely pleased with the training and had great feedback from my guests. John incorporated the history of the brand and combined this with his own expertise which is crucial to the success of Luxury brands. It was a pleasure to work with the experts.” Xavier Giammattei, Marketing Manager, Cartier

“...Scent expert, Joanna Norman, co-founder of fragrance consultancy Pandora has a staggering breadth of knowledge about the history and evolution of perfumery.” Francesca Segal, Vogue Dec 2012

Web press

IFEAT (International Federation of Essential Oil and Aroma Trades) Conference 2017
Joanna ran the worldwide Perfumery Workshop exploring fine perfumery trends in terms of ingredient and accord stategy to aroma material suppliers in Athens, Greece to high acclaim.

Perfumer & Flavorist
Joanna and Nicola highlight 5 years of teaching multisensory design with scents. (7/11/16)

Emerald Street
Stylist's free daily email discusses iconic perfume bottles and their importance with Joanna. (27/5/15)

The Perfume Society
Jo Fairley of The Perfume Society came to visit our Design with Scents course at UAL and recommends our training.

Monocle 24 global radio visits Design with Scents perfumery course at Kingston University to investigate how scents can be used in the design process. Alexandra May's interview begins 17:30-26:44 mins (5/8/14)

The Premium Market Report
John adds perceptive insight to the fragrance section of the Premium Market report

Vogue Sept 2013
Joanna hosts a celebration of Chanel's signature scents with macaroons and bubbly at Harrods Fragrance Explosion

Stylist 2013
Joanna explains the floral trditions behind the iconic perfumes at the opening of Chanel's pop up store in Covent garden.

Joanna advises on 5 tips to pick the perfect party perfume

You magazine, 13 January 2013

Perfumes in 2013 will bring us 'liquid laughter' says Joanna Norman. You magazine, 13 January 2013

Cosmetic World, LPM Supplement 2012

Pandora joins Marc Rosen panel at Luxe Pack, Monaco to explore the future of online perfumery, Cosmetic World, LPM Supplement 2012

Evening Standard, November 23, 2012

Joanna gives consultations at the Chanel Pop Up Boutique, Evening Standard, November 23, 2012